The primary functions of the  Administration department is to manage the day-to-day activities related to financial planning, billing, record keeping, personnel, and logistics within the Tribal Gaming Commission.  General office administration also includes planning work assignments for staff, supervising staff, the requisition and maintenance of support facilities for the organization.


Through Tribal, Federal and State regulations the Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Commission is required to conduct audits within the casino and is responsible for accurately and thoroughly managing the Auditing Department. This includes all gaming and non-gaming auditing functions and making recommendations for operational efficiencies and cost savings. Auditing is responsible for making the determination of the accuracy of all financial documentation generated by Casino Departments.  In addition Auditing ensures the casino is in compliance with policies, procedures, internal controls, regulations and applicable laws.


The Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Commission consists of up to five members appointed by resolution by the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Potawatomi Indians Tribal Council.  The Commission acts as a “board of directors” and meets with the Executive Director once per month.  The Commission acts on the recommendation of staff in licensing matters and ruling on all regulatory issues involving gaming related matters under the jurisdiction of the Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Commission.  The Commission is the final authority on licensing matters, having the ability to approve, restrict, limit, condition, deny, revoke, or suspend any gaming license.  Additionally, the Commission is charged with the responsibility of promulgating and interpreting regulations to implement and enforce the mandates of the Tribal Council as codified in the Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Ordinances well as all state, federal and local laws governing gaming on tribal lands.


Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Commission’s Compliance Department ensures integrity of the Tribe by safeguarding Tribal assets. The Compliance Department performs monitoring inspections of the casino gaming operations, and prepares written reports of findings. The inspections are based on observations, inquiries, and analysis of gaming records. The monitoring assures that the casino operations are in compliance with Gun Lake Gaming Commissions Regulations and Tribal Internal Control Standards.  We also conduct detailed and complex regulatory, administrative and background investigations in compliance with the regulations and statutes as they relate to gaming on Gun Lake Tribal Lands.

Information Technology

The Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Commission Information Technology Department (GLTGC-IT) provides high quality technology-based services, in a cost-effective manner, to facilitate the Commission mission.  IT provides effective technology support and maintains effective, reliable and secure information systems.  Additionally IT provides leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology while maintaining fast and reliable access to all information systems in order to assist the Commission in the oversight of Casino operations.


The Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Commission Licensing Department oversees the gaming enterprise through strict regulation of all persons, locations, practices, association, and related activities.  Through comprehensive license investigations and regulations we protect the integrity and the stability of the gaming enterprise and ensure employees will act in accordance with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and impartiality to assure the good name of the Gun Lake Tribe is maintained and guarantees the confidence of the public we serve.